Gambling Awareness Trust - 2023 statistics

2023 was a hugely positive year for the Gambling Awareness Trust as we continued to collaborate with our existing stakeholders and supported new service providers to respond to the needs of those seeking help with harmful gambling.

Reflecting on the significant rise in the numbers of individuals who availed of support last year, we identified a number of factors that we feel contributed to that increase in service users which include the accessibility of the services available, the absence of waiting times, the affordability aspect given that all services are provided on a free or donation basis and the efforts made on the promotional front during the year.

Promoting the range of services available for both individuals experiencing gambling addiction and their families has encouraged more people to reach out and get the support they need. We have ensured there is a varied range of supports available to meet all needs including:

The numbers of visitors to our dedicated website have grown exponentially as people look for information and support on how and where to get help. Our awareness campaign with TG4 has contributed to this significantly. The promotional work carried out around the country by the Family Resource Centres in partnership with Tony O’Reilly has proven invaluable in letting communities know about the specialist services available on their doorsteps. This work has the added consequence of encouraging conversations around gambling and the potential harms people can experience. These types of conversations are important in reducing stigma and the secrecy associated with addiction.

We couldn’t have reached this many people without the trojan work of the many professional services we work with, all committed to providing the best possible care for the people who use their services.

In 2024 we want to ensure that anyone affected by harmful gambling can easily access the support they need.

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