Budget Calculator;

Have you ever wondered how much you gamble, how much you spend on gambling or how your gambling compares to others?  This budget calculator will help you work out how much money you spend and where you spend it each month.  It is completely confidential and only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

It should be noted that the amount you can afford to spend on gambling from a financial or responsibility perspective, comes down to your own personal circumstances.  For some people, spending a few euros on gambling may have a negative affect on their life, whereas for others it could be hundreds or hundreds of thousands of euros.








Still worried about your gambling, or need to talk to someone about it?

Call the Dunlewey Addiction Services centre, for friendly, professional and discreet advice, 1800 936725 / 0800 886 725

The Dunlewey Centre has been providing advice and treatment for persons affected by all types of addictions for nearly 30 years.

Their staff are professionally trained and have many years experience in the field of addiction and substance misuse

Their services are delivered in safe and welcoming environment, either in their offices, or with one of their Counsellors who are available in almost every county in Ireland.

The first step is to call their FreePhone line, where a qualified counsellor will listen to you and offer advice where appropriate. If face to face counselling is required, The Dunlewey centre will organise this for you.  They will select a counsellor located nearest to you, and arrange the sessions with you.

The Dunlewey Centre is only a free phone call away…… 1800 936725 / 0800 886 725