Online Support

Helplink Mental Health operates a free, national gambling problem / issue / addiction counselling service that is available 7 days a week and out-of-hours: online (like Skype but more secure) or by phone. This service is provided by fully accredited addiction counsellors for young people (aged 16 to 18 years) and adults alike. Please go to Helplink’s website by clicking here, for more information on this and their other counselling services; or call 0818 998880 / email [email protected].

Dunlewey was founded in 1987 and has been providing specialist services to those experiencing addiction issues ever since. Dunlewey has branch offices in Belfast, Lisburn, Armagh and Portadown, and access to counsellors in the Republic of Ireland.

Dunlewey offers a free and confidential counselling and mentoring programme for those experiencing difficulties with their own, or other people’s gambling issues. They operate the National Helpline service on our behalf 7 days a week from 9am until 11pm. You can call the National Helpline on 1800 936 725.

The Dunlewey centre has qualified counsellors in almost every county in Ireland. After initial phone counselling, the Dunlewey centre can refer persons for free online face to face counselling sessions with one of their agents during the period of lockdown. These counselling sessions are available for persons affected by problem gambling directly, or for family members affected by problem gambling.

For further information, visit

Together-Razem was established in 2006, to provide support services to the Polish and Eastern European communities in Cork and across the country. With funding from the Gambling Awareness Trust in 2020 the group set up the new ‘You are not Alone’ support project for those experiencing difficulties accessing mainstream gambling addiction services due to the language barrier. Anyone experiencing problems with their gambling activity or those who are concerned for others can access professional, culturally appropriate counselling and supportive intervention measures over the phone, via online platforms and where possible face-to-face on site.
Call 021 4395588 or email [email protected]

Blocking Sites

There are a number of websites available that provide software to block you from accessing gambling websites. These websites also help you control what is viewed through your browser. Below are some of the websites that provide this service in Ireland.


  • Gamblock
    Gamblock helps problem gamblers by restricting their access to gambling websites. Gamblock’s software uses sophisticated analysis that blocks existing and new gambling websites.


  • BetfilterBetfilter is an anti-gambling software which blocks access to gambling websites. Once the software is downloaded and you select a gambling website, it does not allow the website to open and displays “Page Not Found”


  • Net Nanny Net Nanny is a software that protects families and helps them manage their experiences with digital content. Net Nanny helps control what is viewed through your browser via its parental control software giving you the option to block certain websites.