What do I say to someone whose gambling is causing a problem?

What you can say to a problem gambler?
Problem gambling is not an easy issue to raise. What a problem gambler needs to understand is how their actions are affecting you. It may too be an opportunity for you to demonstrate the support you are able to offer in overcoming the problem.

It is best not to make assumptions. Try to discuss only what you have seen. Encourage the person to see the consequences of their behaviour and its effect on you. Take time to think about what you want to say. It might help to write down your feelings.

Speaking to a qualified counsellor or even calling one of the problem gambling helplines might be able to assist you plan your approach in advance.

Please click here for a selection of service providers.

You too may need help to cope with the difficulties you are experiencing.  You might just need to speak to someone to get some advice about what your choices are or what services are available to you or the person affected. Whatever the reason, there is support available for you too.  Call The Dunlewey Addiction services helpline and one of their qualified counsellors will be available to discuss it with you.

You can contact Dunlewey at any of these numbers;

  • UK: 02890 392547,
  • NI: 08000 886 725, or
  • ROI: 1800 936 725

The Dunlewey centre has qualified counsellors in almost every county in Ireland.  After initial phone counselling, the Dunlewey center can refer persons for free face to face counselling sessions with one of their agents. These counselling sessions are available for persons affected by problem gambling directly, or for family members affected by problem gambling.