Gambling Awareness Trust (GAT) is an independent charity established in 2019 to fund research, education, awareness, treatment and rehabilitation and support services to help minimise gambling related harm in Ireland. GAT is administered by a voluntary Board of Trustees and is funded by donations from the online and retail betting and gaming industry in Ireland.


Gambling Awareness Trust opened the first call for expressions of interest in 2019, followed by another successful round in 2020. This process resulted in the funding of a number of organisations who continue to provide a range of supports and services to those affected by problem gambling.

We commissioned a research project with Maynooth University to examine the knowledge base and evidence on the nature and extent of gambling and gambling impacts in Ireland and how Ireland compares to international peer countries. This report was published in 2021 and is the most comprehensive examination of the topic that has been produced in Ireland to date. Click here to view the report. We have used this report to inform our strategic plan and ensure service provision meets the identified needs and gaps in the area of problem gambling from an evidence-based approach.

A 2022 call for expressions of interest will be opening in the coming weeks. Check back here for relevant information and a copy of our application form.

Recipients of Funding from Gambling Awareness Trust