Bridgeways Family Resource Centre

Bridgeways Family Resource Centre is one of the 121 National Family Resource Programme FRC’s. Bridgeways provides community-based Family Support, Community & Youth Development.

This is a model of work which provides a wide range of activities that strengthen positive informal social networks through community based programmes and services. The main focus of these services is on early intervention and prevention, aiming to promote and protect the health, well-being and rights of children, young people and their families. At the same time, particular attention is given to those who are vulnerable or at risk.

Through our model of work we strive to effectively bring about social inclusion, empowerment and to facilitate and support participation, community leadership and self-determination.

Our work is guided by the five national outcomes as stated in Better Outcomes Brighter Futures; the national policy framework for children & young people 2014 – 2020.

In addition to providing services for children and their families, Bridgeways has an important wider function in the provision of information, advice, training and facilities for the community & groups experiencing marginalisation.

Bridgeways FRC is managed by a voluntary Board of Directors, all of the Directors are local people, many of whom have evolved through the work of the centre. The board of Directors in conjunction with the staff and community consultation devise the work plan thus the work is centered on the needs of the community.


Bridgeways FRC provides recreational and developmental support, below is a list of some of the supports available.

  • Parent and Toddler Group
  • Women’s/ Men’s Groups
  • Primary Youth Groups,
  • Secondary Youth Groups
  • Active Age Group,
  • Parenting Programmes
  • Mental Health Support Group
  • Physical Activity Groups
  • Recreational Groups (sewing/ art/ horticulture)
  • QQI Educational Courses
  • Early School Leavers Support Groups
  • Low Cost Counselling, Play Therapy, Art Therapy.
  • Unemployment Supports
  • Printing/ IT Services
  • New Communities Support
  • Information Provision
  • Advocacy


The majority of the services are free or very low cost.

Counselling/Play Therapy have a sliding scale and depends on the clients financial situation.

Opening hours

9am-5pm Monday – Friday (Evening hours depends on courses/ groups on offer)