Bushypark Addiction Treatment Centre

Bushypark provide a range of services for clients and family members impacted by problematic gambling. These services include:

A phone support service – support given on next steps to take in dealing with a gambling related issue.

An assessment service – service provided for clients to assess the extent and impact of their gambling and other related issues – mental health, financial, underlying issues. The client is accompanied by a concerned person to the assessment with a view to putting a plan in place to deal with their addiction and related behaviours.

Community based supports – one to one sessions with a qualified counsellor in dealing with their behaviours and underlying issues. This is done in a holistic manner using various therapeutic methods.

Family Support – access to family support groups for concerned persons to access peer support as well as counselling supports.

Treatment Planning – community or residential treatment plans to aid long term recovery from gambling and associated behaviours.

2 year aftercare programme where required.

Bushypark provide a referral service to other agencies/services as required by the client/family member.

Bushypark also provide educational talks for groups and clubs as required and as part of a wider structured educational programme to deal with gambling issues in addition to substance mis-use issues.

For more information, please go to bushypark.ie