Gambling Awareness Trust are supporting Safer Gambling Week 2020. It is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the harm gambling can cause if it gets out of control and about the range of services that are available to help anyone that may be having difficulties because of problem gambling.

Gambling is a leisure activity enjoyed by many adults. However, it can cause severe difficulties emotionally and financially if it becomes a problem. Not only is the gambler affected, but loved ones, friends, and work or work colleagues can be affected.

Safer Gambling Week 2019 runs from 19th – 25th November 2020 and is a campaign led by the gambling industry that aims to create a conversation with customers, staff and the wider public about gambling responsibly, driving awareness of:

  • how to gamble responsibly;
  • the tools that are available to help people gamble safely all year round;
  • sources of more advice and support.

For further information on the week, please click here. Or for further details on services available across Ireland for problem gambling please click here.

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