In late 2019 an academic research team based at Maynooth University’s Department of Sociology and Maynooth Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI) including Prof. Aphra Kerr, Prof. John O’Brennan and Dr Lucia Vazquez-Mendoza began work on a one-year project to examine the knowledge base and evidence on the nature and extent of gambling and gambling impacts in Ireland and how Ireland compares to international peer countries. This report has been completed and is the most comprehensive examination of the topic that has been produced in Ireland to date. ‘Gambling Trends, Harms and Responses: Ireland in an International Context’ will support the Gambling Awareness Trust to ensure service provision meets the identified needs and gaps in the area of problem gambling from an evidence-based approach. It will be an invaluable source for those organisations providing support in terms of emerging best practice in the field internationally.

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