October 14th, 2022
We are dismayed and concerned to see posts in social media stating that is “farming out” delivery of gambling industry influenced in-school programmes in Ireland. This is inaccurate and misleading, and we wish to set the record straight. and the Gambling Awareness Trust do not and have not run, managed or sub-contracted programmes in Irish schools.

What does Gambling Care do? was established in March 2019, to broaden public understanding of safer gambling, and to help those that do develop problems, or their friends and family members, to get the support and help that they need, quickly and effectively. By raising awareness of gambling-related harm we hope to help people make informed decisions about their gambling, understand and recognise problem gambling and know where to seek help.

GamblingCare is funded and administered by the Gambling Awareness Trust, an independent charity which funds research, education and treatment services to help minimise gambling-related harm in Ireland.

Gambling Awareness Trust is a grant-making and distribution body, not a service-provider. We work in partnership with other organisations, agencies and experts to fund their activities related to gambling-related harm.

Do you “farm out” specific services, or tell your service providers what to do?

We do not manage or direct the specific activities of the partners we fund. We do not specify programmes that they should run. We do not engage with users of their services. We do not engage with schools or participate in any outreach programmes in the community. Occasionally we meet with our service providers to tell them about our work, or hear about their progress.

We do not influence, review, pre-approve or authorise any of the day to day workings of our funded partners.

How do you select your partners for funding, and know they are doing the right thing?

We conduct a rigorous screening process to ensure that the providers we fund are reputable, relevant and highly competent providers to fulfil addiction counselling, education and gambling awareness services in Ireland. Once selected, we leave them to it.

Who are your funded partners?

A list of our currently funded partners appears elsewhere on this website, where more information about the specific services they offer can also be found. Visit our Get Help section directly, here. There are no in-school programme providers funded by Gambling Care at present.

Where do you get your funding?

The Gambling Awareness Trust charity is wholly funded by donations from the online and retail betting and gaming industry in Ireland, who do not control our activities, help us select providers to fund, or engage with or influence those providers once they are approved for funding.

They contribute to a fund, which we independently distribute to worthy services in Ireland who are providing crucial front line services to people affected by gambling related harms.

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