Safer Gambling Week 2022

Safer Gambling Week takes place from October 17th – 23rd in the UK and Ireland

This campaign aims to stimulate conversations about safer gambling amongst consumers, operators such as bookmakers (land and online), associations, media owners, influencer and training organisations, government agencies, support agencies like Gambling Care, and members of the public.

The key objectives of Safer Gambling Week are to raise awareness of:

  • How to gamble more safely
  • The tools that are available to help customers gamble more safely all year round
  • Sources of further advice and support for those who need it

We know gambling can be an enjoyable leisure activity for many and that the majority of people who gamble can do so without any negative repercussions. However there is a vulnerable cohort of people for whom gambling creates an array of problems in their personal lives, often with very serious consequences for them and their families. We realise gambling can be unsafe for people prone to compulsive gambling or those struggling or in recovery from gambling addiction so we welcome the opportunity to use this campaign to drive awareness about the tools and supports that are available here in Ireland to help people or families struggling with harms caused by compulsive gambling and gambling addiction.

Gambling Harms in Ireland

Extensive research carried out by Maynooth University’s Department of Sociology and Maynooth Social Sciences Institute (MUSSI) and commissioned by Gambling Awareness Trust, was conducted in 2019 – 2020 to examine the nature and extent of gambling and gambling impacts in Ireland and how Ireland compares to international peer countries.

This report is the most comprehensive examination of the topic that has been produced in Ireland to date and it found that there are an estimated 55,000 problem gamblers in Ireland. It also outlined the need for a national service providing gambling treatments, where clinics are geographically spread to ensure ease of access for people seeking support with harmful gambling. The report can be viewed in full here

Supports and Tools: Get Help from

You’ll find links to this website and information about our supports at the Safer Gambling website here:

Or visit our Get Help section directly, here.

National Helpline

A free, confidential National Helpline service is available 365 days per year, from 9.00am – 11.00pm. for individuals affected by their own or a family member’s problem gambling issues.

The National Helpline is operated by Dunlewey Addiction Services, a specialist organisation in the provision of addiction counselling, training and support services. Their mission statement “unlocking the door to personal growth, learning and change” aligns with our belief that everyone has within them the capacity to change and develop as unique individuals.

When a new referral is received on the National Helpline, an assessment will be carried out and the client will be referred to the free counselling service for counselling, brief intervention, or health & wellbeing calls.
Call 1 800 936 725 to get started.

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